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Can Esporta Members Go to LA Fitness? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Can Esporta Members Go to La Fitness

No, Esporta members cannot go to La Fitness. Esporta and La Fitness are two separate gym chains with their own memberships and rules.

Esporta and La Fitness are well-known gym chains, each with their own specialized facilities and equipment. While both gyms offer memberships and a range of fitness classes and amenities, they are independent of each other. Esporta members cannot access La Fitness facilities or vice versa.

Each gym follows its own rules and regulations, which include separate membership requirements and pricing plans. Therefore, if you are an Esporta member, you are not permitted to use La Fitness facilities. It is essential to understand the terms and conditions of your specific gym membership to ensure you have access to the amenities you desire.

Can Esporta Members Go to LA Fitness? Here's What You Need to Know!


Can Esporta Members Go To La Fitness?

Esporta members can access LA Fitness facilities, allowing them to enjoy the benefits and amenities offered by both fitness clubs without any limitations. Whether it’s group classes, state-of-the-art equipment, or a comprehensive range of workout options, members can take advantage of the combined offerings.

Understanding Esporta And La Fitness Memberships

Esporta Fitness and LA Fitness are two well-known fitness club chains that offer various membership plans to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of their members. While both clubs operate under the same parent company, it is important to understand the distinctions between Esporta and LA Fitness memberships.

Membership Access And Benefits

Esporta members are provided access to all Esporta Fitness locations across the country, allowing them to work out at any club that falls under the Esporta umbrella. On the other hand, LA Fitness members enjoy exclusive access to LA Fitness clubs nationwide. It is worth noting that the membership perks and benefits provided by Esporta and LA Fitness may vary, so it is advisable to review the specific details of the membership plans before making a decision.

If you are an Esporta member considering a visit to an LA Fitness club, it is important to keep certain limitations in mind.

Considerations And Limitations

  • Esporta members may not have access to all LA Fitness clubs. While some LA Fitness locations may extend their services to Esporta members, others may have specific restrictions on access.
  • Before planning a visit to an LA Fitness club, it is recommended to inquire about guest policies and any additional fees that need to be paid.
  • Esporta members can check with their home club or contact the LA Fitness club directly to determine if they are eligible to access the facilities as an Esporta member.
  • The availability and accessibility of amenities, such as pools, basketball courts, and group classes, may vary between Esporta and LA Fitness clubs.

Ultimately, the feasibility of an Esporta member visiting an LA Fitness club would depend on various factors, including the specific membership plan and the individual LA Fitness club’s policies.

Can Esporta Members Go to LA Fitness? Here's What You Need to Know!


Can Esporta Members Go to LA Fitness? Here's What You Need to Know!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Can Esporta Members Go To La Fitness

Can I Visit La Fitness With Esporta Membership?

Yes, you can visit LA Fitness with an Esporta membership. Both clubs are part of the same company, so your membership grants you access to all LA Fitness and Esporta locations.

Can I Go To Any La Fitness With My Membership?

With your LA Fitness membership, you can access any LA Fitness location.

How Much Is La Per Month Gym?

The monthly gym fees in LA vary based on the gym you choose. The average cost ranges from $50 to $150 per month.

How To Avoid La Fitness Initiation Fee?

To avoid LA Fitness initiation fee, consider joining during promotional periods or negotiating with a sales representative. Additionally, you may also find discounted rates by joining through a corporate wellness program or through your health insurance provider.


Esporta members can indeed go to LA Fitness as the two gym chains have recently merged. This partnership allows Esporta members to access all LA Fitness facilities nationwide. With a wide range of equipment, classes, and amenities, joining LA Fitness provides Esporta members with even more options and flexibility for their fitness journey.