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Can You Bring a Friend to Planet Fitness : The Ultimate Guide

Can You Bring a Friend to Planet Fitness

Yes, you can bring a friend to Planet Fitness as a guest with a Black Card membership. Your friend can enjoy all the club’s privileges during your visit, including access to the gym equipment and fitness classes.

Planet Fitness offers a welcoming and non-intimidating environment for people of all fitness levels. Membership options include the Basic and Black Card plans, with the latter providing additional benefits such as guest privileges and access to massage chairs and tanning facilities.

By bringing a friend to the club, you can share the positive fitness experience and take advantage of the supportive community atmosphere that Planet Fitness promotes. Whether you’re looking to work out with a buddy or simply want to introduce someone to a healthier lifestyle, Planet Fitness accommodates your needs with its guest policy.

Understanding Planet Fitness Guest Policy

Planet Fitness allows its members to bring a friend for free on select days. The guest policy may vary by location, so it’s important to check with your local gym for specific details. Typically, guests must sign a waiver and provide photo ID before entering the facility. Members are responsible for their friends’ conduct and must accompany them at all times. Additionally, guests are subject to the same dress code and club rules as members. Plan accordingly and make the most of this added benefit by understanding the rules and regulations for bringing a friend to Planet Fitness.

Can You Bring A Friend To Planet Fitness : What You Need To Know

Can You Bring a Friend to Planet Fitness: Yes, as a Planet Fitness Black Card member, you are allowed to bring a guest for free. However, this is limited to one guest per day and they must accompany you during your visit to the gym. Keep in mind that your guest also needs to sign a liability waiver prior to using the facilities. Additionally, there are no limits on how many times you can bring the same guest, but they would need to accompany you each time. So, if you are considering joining Planet Fitness and want to bring a friend along, opting for the Black Card membership might be a good idea if you plan on having a workout buddy. Therefore, if you want to work out with a friend, it’s best to check the membership requirements and limitations on bringing guests in advance.

Making The Most Of Planet Fitness Buddy System

If you’re a Planet Fitness member, bringing a friend can enhance your workout experience. Not only does it make exercising more enjoyable, but it also encourages accountability. Working out with a buddy can motivate you to push your limits and try new exercises. Moreover, having a friend alongside you can make the entire gym experience less intimidating. When bringing a guest, it’s important to be familiar with the gym’s guest policy and any associated fees. Etiquette is key when working out with a friend at Planet Fitness. It’s essential to respect the gym’s rules and ensure your guest does the same. By practicing proper gym etiquette, you contribute to a positive atmosphere for all members.

Can You Bring a Friend to Planet Fitness  : The Ultimate Guide


Frequently Asked Questions On Can You Bring A Friend To Planet Fitness

Can I Bring A Friend To Planet Fitness For Free?

Yes, as a Black Card member, you can bring a friend for free each time you visit. Your friend will have access to the gym amenities and equipment.

What Are The Guest Privileges At Planet Fitness?

All members can bring a guest with them during staffed hours. Black Card members can bring a guest at any time. The guest must sign in and adhere to gym policies.

Is There A Fee For Bringing A Friend To Planet Fitness?

There is no fee for Black Card members bringing a guest to Planet Fitness. Standard members can bring a guest during staffed hours for a small fee per visit.


Bringing a friend to Planet Fitness can be a fun and rewarding experience. With their guest policy in place, you and your friend can enjoy the benefits of a workout together. Whether it’s for motivation or to share the Planet Fitness experience, bringing a friend is a great way to stay active and healthy.