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Does Planet Fitness Have a Dress Code : Everything You Need to Know

Yes, Planet Fitness has a dress code that prohibits revealing clothing and certain types of sportswear. Members are required to wear appropriate workout attire.

When it comes to working out at Planet Fitness, it’s essential to know the gym’s dress code. Understanding what is and isn’t allowed can help you feel comfortable and confident while exercising. Here’s all you need to know about Planet Fitness’s dress code, so you can hit the gym without any worries.

Whether you’re a regular at the gym or thinking about joining, it’s important to understand the dress code guidelines to ensure you feel comfortable and confident during your workouts. So, let’s dive into what Planet Fitness considers appropriate workout attire.

The Basics Of Planet Fitness Dress Code

Planet Fitness Dress Code Overview: Planet Fitness has a straightforward dress code policy designed to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for all members. The official dress code policy encourages members to wear athletic attire and proper gym shoes for their workouts. Tank tops, t-shirts, and athletic shorts are deemed appropriate, while jeans, boots, sandals, and open-toed shoes are discouraged. The use of a head cover, such as a baseball cap, is also considered acceptable. Additionally, the policy prohibits the use of string tank tops, boots with metal on them, and clothing with offensive graphics or language. By understanding and following these guidelines, members can ensure a positive and enjoyable experience while exercising at Planet Fitness.

General Dress Code Guidelines

Planet Fitness has a relaxed dress code policy that allows members to wear comfortable workout attire. The clothing guidelines at Planet Fitness are designed to provide a non-intimidating environment for all members. The gym permits a variety of workout wear, including T-shirts, tank tops, athletic shorts, and yoga pants. The attire should be modest and free from intimidating graphics or phrases. Additionally, athletic shoes are required in all areas of the gym. Overall, the Planet Fitness clothing policy aims to create a welcoming environment for individuals of all fitness levels.

Specific Attire Restrictions

Planet Fitness has specific attire restrictions that members need to adhere to. The dress code prohibits clothing that may be perceived as intimidating or provocative. Some examples of clothing that violate Planet Fitness’ dress code include string tank tops, crop tops, cut-off shirts, and clothing with vulgar language or imagery. Additionally, gym bags and backpacks are not allowed on the workout floor to maintain a tidy and safe environment. It’s important to be mindful of these dress code restrictions to ensure a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere for all members. By following these guidelines, everyone can have a positive experience at Planet Fitness while maintaining a respectful gym environment.

Does Planet Fitness Have a Dress Code  : Everything You Need to Know


Frequently Asked Questions Of Does Planet Fitness Have A Dress Code

What Is The Dress Code At Planet Fitness?

At Planet Fitness, the dress code is relaxed and comfortable. While they encourage athletic wear, including t-shirts, workout pants, and sneakers, they do not enforce specific requirements, allowing you to wear what makes you feel best during your workout.

Are There Any Clothing Restrictions At Planet Fitness?

There are no specific restrictions on clothing at Planet Fitness, as long as it is appropriate for a gym environment. They only ask that members refrain from wearing jeans, work boots, or clothing with rivets, zippers, or metal. Ultimately, the focus is on comfortable attire for exercising.

Can I Wear A Sports Bra To Planet Fitness?

Yes, wearing a sports bra at Planet Fitness is absolutely acceptable. In fact, it’s common to see many members wearing sports bras as part of their workout attire. The gym promotes a judgment-free zone, so feel free to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident during your workout.

Is There A Specific Dress Code For Planet Fitness Employees?

Yes, employees at Planet Fitness are required to adhere to a dress code that reflects a professional and approachable image. This typically includes branded attire that is comfortable and practical for assisting members and maintaining the facility. However, the specifics may vary by location and position.


Planet Fitness does have a dress code to ensure a comfortable and non-intimidating environment for its members. By understanding and following the guidelines, you can confidently enjoy your workouts without any fashion-related worries. Remember to choose appropriate attire and feel empowered to embark on your fitness journey without any hesitation.