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Does Planet Fitness Have a Student Discount? Unveiling the Savings!

Does Planet Fitness Have a Student Discount

Yes, Planet Fitness does offer a student discount on their gym memberships. Now let’s dive into the details of this student discount at Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness is a popular gym chain that provides affordable fitness options for individuals of all levels. As a student, it’s important to prioritize your health and well-being, and Planet Fitness recognizes that. They offer discounted membership rates for students, making it easier for them to access their facilities and workout equipment.

This discount allows students to maintain an active lifestyle without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a college student or in high school, Planet Fitness provides a convenient and budget-friendly option for staying fit and healthy. Let’s explore the benefits and requirements of the student discount at Planet Fitness.

Does Planet Fitness Have a Student Discount? Unveiling the Savings!


Planet Fitness Membership Options

Planet Fitness offers various membership options, but unfortunately, they do not provide a student discount. However, with their low-cost and accessible memberships, students can still enjoy the benefits of a Planet Fitness membership without breaking the bank.

Does Planet Fitness Have A Student Discount?

Are you a student looking to optimize your physical fitness without breaking the bank? Look no further than Planet Fitness! As one of the leading fitness chains in the country, Planet Fitness offers a variety of membership options to suit your needs and budget. Let’s take a closer look at the different membership tiers, the cost of memberships, and how you can apply for membership at Planet Fitness.

Different Membership Tiers

At Planet Fitness, they believe that fitness should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget or fitness goals. That’s why they offer various membership tiers to cater to different needs. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just starting your fitness journey, there’s a membership option for you.

Planet Fitness typically offers two main tiers of membership: the Basic membership and the Black Card membership. The Basic membership includes unlimited access to your home club, free fitness training, and the use of their top-of-the-line equipment. On the other hand, the Black Card membership offers all the benefits of the Basic membership and additional perks, such as the ability to bring a guest for free, access to any Planet Fitness club nationwide, and the use of their massage chairs and tanning beds.

Cost Of Memberships

When it comes to cost, Planet Fitness understands that affordability is key for many students. Their membership fees are competitively priced, so you can sweat it out without breaking the bank. The exact cost of a Planet Fitness membership may vary depending on your location, but in general, their Basic membership starts at an incredibly low price. The Black Card membership, with all its additional benefits, is also available at an affordable monthly rate.

Keep in mind that Planet Fitness may also occasionally offer special promotions and discounts, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for those money-saving opportunities.

Applying For Membership

Applying for a membership at Planet Fitness is as easy as can be. You can visit their website and navigate to the membership page, where you’ll find all the necessary information and a simple application form. Fill out your details, select the membership tier that suits you best, and you’ll be one step closer to embarking on your fitness journey with Planet Fitness.

Additionally, you can also visit your local Planet Fitness club and speak to their friendly staff. They will be more than happy to assist you with the application process and answer any questions you may have.

So, why wait? Unlock the doors to a healthier lifestyle with a Planet Fitness membership that fits your needs and budget. Get ready to embrace the incredible benefits of fitness while enjoying unbelievable value. Join the Planet Fitness community today and experience the difference firsthand!
Does Planet Fitness Have a Student Discount? Unveiling the Savings!


Student Discount At Planet Fitness

If you’re a student looking to stay fit and active on a budget, you might be wondering if Planet Fitness offers a student discount. Being a student often means juggling academics, extracurricular activities, and a limited budget. So, it makes sense to try and find affordable options for fitness memberships. In this blog post, we’ll explore whether Planet Fitness offers a student discount and provide you with all the necessary details on how to avail this discount.

Does Planet Fitness Offer A Student Discount?

Yes, Planet Fitness does offer a student discount, providing students with an opportunity to stay fit and healthy without stretching their wallets. This discount acknowledges the financial constraints students often face and aims to support them in their fitness journey.

Requirements For The Student Discount

To be eligible for the Planet Fitness student discount, you need to meet a few requirements:

  1. You must be a student enrolled in an accredited college or university.
  2. You need to present a valid student ID or proof of enrollment to verify your student status.
  3. The student discount is typically available for individuals aged 15-25 years, though specific age requirements may vary by location.

By meeting these requirements, you can take advantage of the Planet Fitness student discount and enjoy the numerous amenities and benefits that the gym has to offer.

How To Apply For The Student Discount

To apply for the student discount at Planet Fitness, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit your nearest Planet Fitness location and inquire about their student discount program.
  2. Ensure you have your valid student ID or proof of enrollment handy.
  3. Present your documents to the staff at the front desk and request to apply for the student discount.
  4. Fill out any necessary paperwork or forms as required by Planet Fitness.
  5. Once your eligibility has been verified, you can start enjoying your discounted membership!

Remember, it’s always a good idea to reach out to your local Planet Fitness gym or visit their official website to check for any specific requirements or promotions they may have regarding the student discount.

So, if you’re a student looking to prioritize your fitness goals while staying within your budget, Planet Fitness offers a student discount that can help you achieve that. Take advantage of this opportunity to stay fit, active, and save some money along the way!

Benefits Of The Planet Fitness Student Discount

Planet Fitness offers a student discount, providing affordable fitness options for students. This discount allows students to access a wide range of benefits, including access to top-quality gym equipment, a judgment-free environment, and fitness classes at a discounted price. Maintain a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank as a student at Planet Fitness.

Savings On Membership Fees

One of the major benefits of the Planet Fitness student discount is the significant savings it offers on membership fees. Students often have limited budgets, so having access to a gym at a discounted rate can make a world of difference in their fitness journey. By joining Planet Fitness with a student discount, they can enjoy all the perks of a regular membership while keeping their costs low.

Access To Facilities And Amenities

With the Planet Fitness student discount, students gain access to top-notch facilities and amenities that can aid their fitness goals. This includes state-of-the-art workout equipment, spacious workout areas, and high-quality cardio machines. Additionally, Planet Fitness locations are equipped with locker rooms and shower facilities, providing convenience and comfort to student members.

Motivation To Maintain A Fitness Routine

The Planet Fitness student discount provides students with the perfect motivation to establish and maintain a consistent fitness routine. Regular exercise not only enhances physical health but also boosts mental well-being and academic performance. By availing themselves of the discounted membership, students can enjoy a welcoming and supportive fitness community while staying on track with their fitness goals.

Does Planet Fitness Have a Student Discount? Unveiling the Savings!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Does Planet Fitness Have A Student Discount

What Is The Cheapest Gym To Join?

The cheapest gym to join varies depending on location and promotions. Check local gyms for deals.

How Do I Cancel My Planet Fitness Membership Online?

To cancel your Planet Fitness membership online, follow these steps: Log in to your account on the Planet Fitness website, navigate to the “Account” section, find the “Cancel Membership” option, and follow the prompts to complete the cancellation process.

Does Planet Fitness Have Showers?

Yes, Planet Fitness does have showers for members to use after their workouts.

How Do I Change My Club On Planet Fitness App?

To change your club on the Planet Fitness app, follow these steps:1. Open the app. 2. Tap on the “Profile” tab. 3. Select “Settings”. 4. Choose “Club Preferences”. 5. Pick the new club location you want to join. Save your changes.


After delving into the question of whether Planet Fitness offers a student discount, it is clear that they do not currently provide this benefit. While this may be disappointing for students who are looking to save on their fitness expenses, there are still various other options available to consider.

It is always advisable to explore different gym memberships and inquire about potential student discounts that may be available elsewhere. Remember to stay diligent in your search and keep your health and fitness goals a priority.