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Is 24 Hour Fitness Open on Thanksgiving? Find Out Now!

Yes, 24 Hour Fitness is open on Thanksgiving.

Is 24 Hour Fitness Open on Thanksgiving? Find Out Now!


Is 24 Hour Fitness Open On Thanksgiving?

Is 24 Hour Fitness Open on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a time for family, gratitude, and perhaps a little overindulgence in delicious food. But for those committed to their fitness goals, the holiday can pose a challenge. If you’re a member of 24 Hour Fitness or considering joining, you might be wondering if the gym stays open on Thanksgiving. In this article, we’ll explore the operating hours of 24 Hour Fitness on Thanksgiving, any special closures, and alternative options available to you.

General Information

When it comes to holiday hours, it’s always best to check directly with your local 24 Hour Fitness club. While the majority of 24 Hour Fitness locations are indeed open on Thanksgiving, some may have modified operating hours or temporary closures. By reaching out to your specific club, you can ensure you have the most accurate information for your area.

Special Hours And Closures

While 24 Hour Fitness prides itself on being open around the clock, there are occasions when certain holidays warrant special hours. Thanksgiving is one such holiday where you might find adjusted operating times or temporary closures at some locations. It’s important to note that these changes are typically made to allow employees to spend time with their families and enjoy the holiday festivities.

To discover if your local 24 Hour Fitness club has any special hours or closures on Thanksgiving, you can visit their website or give them a call. Most clubs will prominently display any holiday-related updates and provide you with the necessary information.

Alternative Options

If your local 24 Hour Fitness club happens to be closed on Thanksgiving or has limited hours, don’t despair! There are still plenty of ways to stay active and stick to your fitness routine during the holiday. Here are some alternative options to consider:

  1. Outdoor activities: Take advantage of the crisp autumn weather and enjoy a brisk walk, jog, or bike ride in your neighborhood or at a nearby park. Fresh air and exercise can be a great way to kickstart your Thanksgiving celebrations.
  2. At-home workouts: If venturing outside isn’t your preference, you can still get in a good workout within the comfort of your own home. There are countless online resources and fitness apps available that offer guided workout videos and routines for all fitness levels.
  3. Group fitness classes: Check if any local fitness studios or community centers offer group exercise classes on Thanksgiving. Many establishments understand the importance of staying active and may offer special holiday classes to accommodate those looking to break a sweat.
  4. Active family time: Thanksgiving is a day centered around family, so why not make it a physically active day as well? Organize a friendly Thanksgiving family sports tournament or go for a group hike or swim to get moving together.

With these alternative options, you can ensure that your fitness goals remain on track, even if your local 24 Hour Fitness club is closed or has limited hours on Thanksgiving.

Is 24 Hour Fitness Open on Thanksgiving? Find Out Now!


Is 24 Hour Fitness Open on Thanksgiving? Find Out Now!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Is 24 Hour Fitness Open On Thanksgiving

Can You Take Your Shirt Off At 24 Hour Fitness?

Yes, you can take off your shirt at 24 Hour Fitness.

Which 24 Hour Fitness Is Closing In La?

The 24 Hour Fitness location closing in LA is the one on [specific location].

Is 24 Hour Fitness Only In California?

No, 24 Hour Fitness is not only in California. It has locations across the United States.

What Is The 800 Number For 24 Hour Fitness?

The 800 number for 24 Hour Fitness is 1-888-243-5002. Call this number for any assistance or inquiries regarding their services.


It’s essential to plan ahead and check if your local 24 Hour Fitness center is open on Thanksgiving. Many locations may have modified hours or closures for the holiday, so it’s best to be informed. Remember to prioritize your health and fitness goals, and consider alternative workout options or enjoy a well-deserved day of rest with loved ones.

Stay motivated and keep up the good work!