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Why Does Planet Fitness Require a Checking Account : The Game-Changing Reason

Why Does Planet Fitness Require a Checking Account

Planet Fitness requires a checking account to streamline membership payments and ensure consistent monthly billing. By requiring a checking account, the gym can automatically deduct membership fees without any potential delays or missed payments.

This convenient process helps both Planet Fitness and its members to maintain an efficient and hassle-free billing system.

Why Does Planet Fitness Require a Checking Account  : The Game-Changing Reason

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Benefits Of Requiring A Checking Account

When it comes to gym memberships, Planet Fitness has a unique requirement- they ask for a checking account. While this might seem unusual, there are several benefits to this approach. Requiring a checking account helps in reducing membership cancellations, streamlining payment processes, and minimizing the risk of fraud and non-payment.

Reducing Membership Cancellations

By asking for a checking account, Planet Fitness can effectively reduce membership cancellations. When individuals provide their checking account details, it adds an additional layer of commitment. It displays a genuine interest in maintaining a long-term membership, reducing the likelihood of cancelling due to the hassle involved in changing payment methods or accounts.

Streamlining Payment Processes

Requiring a checking account also streamlines the payment processes for both Planet Fitness and its members. By having all payments made from a single source, it eliminates the need for manual payment collection, such as cash or credit card transactions. This automation not only makes the process more efficient but also ensures that payments are made on time, preventing any inconvenience for the members.

Minimizing Risk Of Fraud And Non-payment

The utilization of checking accounts helps Planet Fitness in minimizing the risk of fraud and non-payment. When members provide their checking account details, it allows the gym to set up automatic recurring payments. This reduces the likelihood of missed or late payments, significantly lowering the risk of non-payment. Additionally, by using checking accounts, fraudulent activities are reduced as the gym can verify the account holder’s identity and track payment history more efficiently.

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Why Does Planet Fitness Require a Checking Account  : The Game-Changing Reason

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Criticism And Potential Drawbacks

As with any business decision, there are potential drawbacks and criticisms that come with Planet Fitness’s requirement for a checking account. Let’s explore some of these concerns and address them accordingly.

Exclusion Of Unbanked Individuals

One major criticism that arises from Planet Fitness’s policy is the exclusion of unbanked individuals. These are individuals who do not possess a checking account due to various reasons such as low-income levels or lack of trust in financial institutions. By requiring a checking account, Planet Fitness effectively denies these individuals access to its facilities and services.

While this requirement may seem unfair to some, it’s important to note that Planet Fitness operates on a low-cost business model. By streamlining payments through checking accounts, they are able to keep their prices affordable and accessible to a larger demographic. However, it could be argued that this exclusion goes against their mission of providing a Judgement Free Zone for everyone.

Alternative Payment Options

Recognizing this concern and aiming to make their services more accessible, Planet Fitness does offer alternative payment options. One such option is their prepaid card system, known as the Black Card. With this card, individuals can load funds onto it and use it as a payment method, eliminating the need for a checking account.

Additionally, Planet Fitness also accepts credit and debit cards as payment options. While these options still require some form of banking, they are more widely available and easier to obtain than a checking account. This allows individuals without a checking account to still enjoy the benefits of a Planet Fitness membership.

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Addressing The Concerns

Planet Fitness understands the concerns raised regarding their requirement for a checking account. In response, they actively work towards exploring other payment options and finding ways to accommodate unbanked individuals. They are continuously seeking feedback and suggestions to improve their policies and ensure that more people can partake in their fitness offerings.

It’s important to note that while the requirement for a checking account may pose challenges for some individuals, Planet Fitness aims to strike a balance between affordability and inclusivity. By offering alternative payment options and constantly addressing concerns, they strive to create an environment where everyone can prioritize their physical health without financial barriers.

Why Does Planet Fitness Require a Checking Account  : The Game-Changing Reason

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Frequently Asked Questions Of Why Does Planet Fitness Require A Checking Account

Why Does Planet Fitness Need My Bank Account?

Planet Fitness requires your bank account information for automatic monthly payments to ensure a seamless and convenient membership experience.

Can I Join Planet Fitness Without A Checking Account?

Yes, you can join Planet Fitness without a checking account. They offer various payment options, including cash and credit/debit cards.

Why Did Planet Fitness Charge Me $49?

Planet Fitness charged you $49 as an annual fee for maintenance and upkeep of their facilities. It’s a one-time charge, separate from your monthly membership fees.

Why Did I Get Charged 39 For Planet Fitness?

You were charged $39 by Planet Fitness for your membership fee.


Planet Fitness requires a checking account for a variety of reasons. This policy helps ensure smooth and hassle-free payments for membership fees. By requiring a checking account, Planet Fitness can easily set up automatic payments, reducing the risk of missed payments or late fees.

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Additionally, this requirement allows for more efficient and streamlined administration of the gym’s financial operations. Ultimately, having a checking account is an essential part of joining Planet Fitness and enjoying its many benefits.