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What is a Fran Workout in CrossFit – Everything You Need to Know

Fran Workout in CrossFit

Have you ever completed a Fran Workout in CrossFit? If so, you know just how challenging and sweaty this workout can be. So, what exactly is a Fran in CrossFit? Currently, a Fran in CrossFit is a type of workout that consists of pull-ups, thrusters, and burpees. CrossFit Fran is considered one of the benchmark workouts used to measure an athlete’s overall fitness level. In this blog post, we’ll break down everything you need to know about this workout, from its history to its benefits. Trust us – after reading this post, you’ll be ready to tackle Fran like a pro!

Fran Workout in CrossFit

What is a Fran Workout in CrossFit?

A Fran in CrossFit is a two-part workout that involves performing thrusters and pull-ups. You’ll begin with 21 thrusters (a combination of a front squat and push press), followed by 21 pull-ups, then 15 of each movement, 9 of each movement, and finally 3 of each movement. The goal is to complete the workout as quickly as possible. Fran is considered a benchmark workout in CrossFit and is used to measure an athlete’s overall fitness level.

What is a Good Fran Time for CrossFit?

The time to complete a Fran in CrossFit will vary depending on the individual. A good “Fran time” is typically considered under three minutes; however, some athletes can complete it in less than two minutes. The world record for men is 1:50 and the world record for women is 3:07. However, a good time would be anywhere between 6-8 minutes for men and 8-10 minutes for women. Of course, the faster you can complete the workout, the better!

What is the Best Fran Strategy?

The best way to approach Fran in CrossFit is to break up the sets. As you work through the thrusters and pull-ups, try breaking them up into smaller manageable sets. For example, if you’re working on 21 thrusters, break them up into 3 sets of 7 reps each. This will help keep your body moving efficiently and quickly throughout the workout. Additionally, it’s another important good strategy. If you go too fast at the beginning, you risk burning out before finishing the workout. Instead, start at a moderate pace and increase your speed as you get closer to the finish line.

How to Break up the Fran in CrossFit?

If you’re just starting with CrossFit, the Fran workout can be challenging. If it becomes too difficult to complete all of the repetitions at once, you can break up the movements into smaller sets. For example, instead of doing 21 thrusters and then 21 pull-ups in one set, you could do 10 thrusters and 5 pull-ups, then repeat that 2 more times. This way, you can still get the full benefits of the workout without feeling overwhelmed.

History of the Girl Fran Workout in CrossFit

In 2009, CrossFit HQ released the “Girl Fran” version of the workout. This version is slightly different from the original Fran – it’s a three-part workout that involves performing 55 pull-ups, then 40 thrusters, and finally 30 pull-ups. It’s great for those who are looking for an extra challenge or want to build up their pull-up strength.

Benefits of a Fran Workout in CrossFit

The Fran workout is designed to test your strength, speed, and stamina. It’s an intense full-body workout that taxes multiple muscle groups at once – making it an excellent choice for building overall fitness. Plus, because it’s high-intensity, you can burn a significant amount of calories in just a few minutes. Completely completing a Fran in CrossFit is an incredibly rewarding feeling, as it’s one of the most challenging workouts out there.

However, there are several other benefits to attempting this workout that often goes unnoticed. One benefit is that you can measure your fitness level. Plus, completing the workout provides an incredible sense of accomplishment that can be very motivating for athletes.

FAQ About Fran Workout in CrossFit

Why is it called Fran CrossFit?

The workout is named after Coach Mike Burgener, who created the original Fran workout and introduced it to CrossFit in 2003.

What is a good Fran time?

A good Fran time depends on your fitness level and experience. Generally, a good time would be anywhere between 6-8 minutes for men and 8-10 minutes for women.

Who has the fastest Fran time?

As of 2021, Mat Fraser holds the record with a time of 2 minutes, and 15 second seconds.

Is Fran a good workout?

Yes, Fran is an excellent full-body workout that’s great for building strength and overall fitness. Plus, due to its high-intensity nature, you can burn a significant amount of calories in just a few minutes.

How do I get faster at Fran?

Practice and consistency are key! Spend some time each week focusing on your form, technique, and pacing.


If you’re looking for an intense and challenging workout, Fran is the way to go. It hits all the major muscle groups and tests your strength, speed, and stamina. With practice and dedication, you can conquer this workout like a pro! So what are you waiting for? Get started on Fran today and see how far you can go. Thanks for reading – we hope you found this post helpful in understanding everything about a Fran in CrossFit.