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Games Workouts 2024: Get Ready for the Ultimate Fitness Challenge!

The 2024 CrossFit Games will feature a variety of workouts that athletes must complete. Participants will be required to submit videos of all workouts, with CrossFit selecting one to review at the end of the competition.

This event will take place in Madison, Wisconsin at the Alliant Energy Center, with athletes from Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania competing. The CrossFit Open is a three-week online competition where athletes will face three intense workouts. Popular CrossFit Games athletes such as Patrick Vellner, Brent Fikowski, Jeffrey Adler, Cole Sager, Justin Medeiros, and Travis Mayer are expected to participate in the event.

Stay tuned for updates on the CrossFit Games app and the official CrossFit Games website for schedule, tickets, and more information.

Games Workouts 2024: Get Ready for the Ultimate Fitness Challenge!


Games Workouts 2024: Get Ready for the Ultimate Fitness Challenge!


Frequently Asked Questions For Games Workouts 2024

Where Will Crossfit Games Be In 2024?

The CrossFit Games in 2024 will be held in Austin, Texas, United States.

Where Are The Crossfit Games?

The CrossFit Games are currently held in Madison, Wisconsin, at the Alliant Energy Center.

What Are The Age Groups For Crossfit Games?

The age groups for CrossFit Games vary and include different categories like teens, masters, and individuals. They are divided based on age for fair competition.

Where Can I Watch The Crossfit Games?

You can watch the CrossFit Games on the official CrossFit Games app. It allows you to watch the games, access the leaderboard, follow athletes, and stay updated with the latest news and updates.


The Games Workouts 2024 offers an exciting opportunity for athletes to showcase their skills and push their limits. With an emphasis on strength, endurance, and technique, these workouts are designed to challenge participants both mentally and physically. From the worldwide open to the CrossFit Games, athletes from all over the globe will come together to compete and inspire one another.

So get ready to witness the next level of fitness and witness the incredible performances at the Games Workouts 2024.