How to do CrossFit Workouts and Event Schedules

CrossFit Workouts

We are in the race to determine the “Fittest on Earth”. Athletes from every corner around the globe are coming up to show what they are made of in the ultimate event; the 2019 CrossFit Games. Pack your gear and catch up every workout for the next big platform for the fittest guys on earth.

CrossFit Games: The Origin

In 2007, the “CrossFit Games” was invented. Since then the games held in every summer of each year that comes by.
CrossFit, whose main intention is to determine the Fittest Athlete on Earth includes different types of workouts, surprise elements, and endurance regimens.
The competition adopted the online qualification format in 2011 which allowed many other participants from all over the world to be included in this breathtaking competition.

How Does the Online Qualification Format Work?

The online qualification format lasts for about 5 weeks. During these five weeks, a new workout is usually released on a weekly basis and athletes are given several days to bring the workout to complete and submit all their scores online. They can either use a video or call a CrossFit affiliate for validation.

CrossFit Workouts

So what about CrossFit workouts? Before the workouts, there is always what is called the Online Registration. You have registered first for the competition before you start participating in the workouts.

CrossFit Workouts
The online registration for all the CrossFit participants in the 2019 CrossFit Open will begin on the 10th of January.

CrossFit Open

This one marks the beginning of the workouts. Before you qualify for the main event, you have to participate in the CrossFit Open.
This is the first stage of getting to the CrossFit Games. The Open allows people from all over the world to participate freely and try and qualify for the event. It is during the CrossFit Open that workout schedules are given over the internet. The Open is like a trial or qualification period for the main event.

2019 CrossFit Open

While the registration for the 2019 CrossFit Open begins on10th of January. The 2019 CrossFit Open begins around the same period as the previous year. This will be around February-March.
This year the CrossFit Open first workout will be released on Thursday, 21st February at exactly 5 p.m. (PST).
From then, all the interested athletes will have until the next Wednesday, on the 27th of February at 5 p.m. (PST) to submit their validated score.
For the CrossFit Open here are the workout announcement dates that you have to keep to and they’re follow up score validation cutoff.


How Many Participants Can Be Included?

Many CrossFit Games affiliates encourage their members to participate. Because of this, the number of worldwide participants can easily hit hundreds of thousands.
However, there is the perfect elimination method that allows only the best CrossFit Open performers for both the individuals’ category and the teams in every region to advance to other regional events.
The regional event held around on the world for two months and every regional event qualifies only a specified number of its best finishers for the main event.

What Changes Do We Expect to See?

There could be changes in the format of the event. An elimination-style format is likely to take shape so that the event can narrow down the main fields of the competition as time progresses on.
In addition to that, it’s claimed that athletes might be seeded as we head into the Games. The sanctioned event winners given advantage compared to the Open qualifiers and the national champions.

When and Where Will the 2019 CrossFit games Take Place?

The CrossFit Games 2019 will take place in Madison, Wisconsin at the Alliant Energy Centre. It will take place around August as it has always done. The venue will host the event for the next three years until after the CrossFit HQ signed another three-year extension.

Where Can CrossFit Beginners Start?

The best CrossFit for beginners lies with the team. You can always form a team and workout towards a sanctioned event. This should give you enough exposure. Going with a team also complements your strengths.


The 2019 CrossFit Games workouts will only allow “teams” to qualify by winning at least one of the major 16 sanctioned events. This unlike the previous years has exempted the “teams” from qualifying through the CrossFit Open and then again the Regionals like they used to before.
In short, this type of change will see a major reduction in the number of participating teams and the nature of the competition to become solid and highly competitive too. You can watch the 2019 CrossFit Games online on the CBS Sports Network.