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What Elite CrossFit Athlete Chandler Smith Practices for Good Results

CrossFit Athlete Chandler Smith

CrossFit can be amazing and is indeed a life-changing experience, as many trainees of the high-intensity game say. However, it can also be overwhelming, tiring, and all-around stressful. The difference is in your approach to the game. Having a high chance to excel in CrossFit takes more than repeated training. Passion, goal setting, resilience, and the right team are even more critical. More importantly, it is essential to appreciate tips from A-List CrossFit athletes. Therefore, here’s why we will be sharing with you today the top 5 practices done by the leading CrossFit athlete, the formidable Chandler Smith. Therefore in this article, brace yourself to learn about a couple of practices suggested by the elite athlete as ones that have kept him at his best. Get to know about how Smith got onboard with CrossFit, his diet plan, training schedule, and lots more.

CrossFit Athlete Chandler Smith

About CrossFit Athlete Chandler Smith

West Point Graduate and former member of the US army, Chandler Smith is one of world’s most sought after fitness athletes. Mentioning that he only started CrossFit as a supplement, it’s intriguing to witness his rise as top-tier CrossFit athlete. With a background in military training, Smith had a relatable experience with CrossFit and ensured this enhanced his success.

How Chandler Smith become a CrossFit Athlete

Actually, Smith’s focus on getting into CrossFit had existed even while he was still serving in the US army as a lieutenant. His push for a place in CrossFit came in after his memorable win as captain of a wrestling team. This had a huge impact in his to decision to go for CrossFit.

CrossFit Athlete Chandler Smith Exercise

Burpees Exercise

Burpee exercise is one of the best and most recommended trainings for enthusiasts who wish to achieve their fitness goals. This is because the exercise works on major areas of your body mass and keeps them in shape. Likewise, Smith recommends this because burpees are a go-to as you do not need any equipment to get going. Instead, the whole of the body and the suitable clothing is just right.

Burpees Exercise

To do a burpee exercise, you need to keep the two tasks in mind, which are to do a pushup and a jump. That might look easy, but you’ve got to do that severally in one row. Then follow these simple steps:

  • Get your legs apart in the best position, then lower your hands to the floor to give you an easy way to push your feet to the back and get up again.
  • After that, you get in a plank position with your toes and palms facing and gripping the floor beneath you.
    Repeat the process.

Back Squat Practice

Undeniably, back squats are one of the most preferable of all because they work well for beginners who do not have to worry about too much movement. Chandler Smith recommends this exercise as it helps build strength, and it can always come right as the best lift to try out in a gymnasium. For this exercise, you need a barbell and suitable footwear for good standing. To do this workout, then follow these steps:

Back Squat Practice

  • Position your legs apart enough to lift the weight of the barbell, behind your head, and near your shoulder.
  • Gently go into the bent squat position, sit back on your butt, and slowly lift your body back up.
  • Now, ensure that you stay focused with your feet firmly set on the floor.

Rowing Exercise

We’ve got the rowing exercise as one of CrossFit’s best, and it gives a full body session. Chandler himself says ” You can use it to build power through short sprints… I think it’s the best available tool when it comes to structural endurance development.” See how to do the workout here:

Rowing Exercise

  • Take a seat and maintain an upright position in the towing machine.
  • Grab the machine handles with your hands, keeping your arms and legs steady.
  • Then, give a push back and pull hard. Afterward, reverse and repeat the process.

Toes-to-Bar Exercise

The Toes-to-Bar exercise is an all-rounder for complete body improvements all at once. It works for the arms, back, hips, abs and more significant body parts. Chandler recommends this workout as a great one as it is one of the most common workouts to challenge your grip like others.

Toes to Bar Exercise

  • Grip the pull up bar with your arms balanced slightly apart.
  • Also, keep your arms tightened and straight as you lift your full body weight up with your toes touching the bar.

Grappling Practice

Grappling is a group of martial arts and combat sports exercises. Chandler recommends it because the person that uses any of these exercises ends with a full body workout, as the session is always intense on every body muscle. The techniques of Grappling are better practiced with a supervisor or instructor. Major grappling exercises that you can go for includes:

  • Judo,
  • Wrestling
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Sambo.

These are only few of the best grappling exercises, among others.

FAQ About Elite CrossFit Athlete Chandler Smith

CrossFit athlete Training schedule

Chandler Smith trains with a group of athletes from the England Comptrain team. The members of this team includes, Katrin Davidsdottir, Amanda Barnhart and Sam Kwant.

How to train like a CrossFit athlete

To train like a CrossFit athlete, you need to incorporate a significant portion of the CrossFit workouts. CrossFit is for everyone, but you’ve got to do it with the right mindset. Endeavor to know and complete the of the day, as all members do. Likewise, ensure that you emphasize on the essential fitness elements as spelled out by CrossFit.

Is Chandler Smith the Athlete Army?

Chandler Smith was formerly a member of the army, but he is no longer in the army.

CrossFit Athlete Chandler Smith Diet Plan

For his meal plan, Chandler Smith works with salad, particularly a chicken ceaser salad.

Final Words

So, looking forward to a 2022 CrossFit with the Elite CrossFit Athlete, Chandler Smith? Then, be ready for some sights as the A-List fitness trainer is coming all for it for the new year. Watch out.