How to Buy CrossFit Games 2022 Tickets Online

crossfit games tickets

Still reliving moments from the July/August CrossFit Games in the past year, it’s pleasant to know that the tickets for the CrossFit Games 2022 are finally available for sale. If you’re anticipating the commencement of the games like we are, it’s time to prepare. Get to know how and where to buy your tickets for the event and how you can watch the live stream online from home.

crossfit games tickets

How to Buy CrossFit Games 2022 Tickets?

To buy your ticket for the CrossFit Games, you can visit the official website for the CrossFit Games. Here, you will find the different packages you can purchase according to your preferences. Majorly, there’s a Festival Only Package, Festival+Coliseum Package, and there’s also a package for kids that’ll love to join in the fun.

Now, when you purchase the Festival Only Package, you get access to all the games that will be on for six days. That’s for about a week-long access. However, your viewing will only be limited to the general competition events.

Then, for the Festival+Coliseum Package, you get access to all the six-day events and additional space in the Coliseum to enjoy the exclusives. Not everyone will make it into the Coliseum, as many might opt for the Festival Only Package. However, if you purchase the double package, you can access ALL competitions. This includes the individual, Age Groups, adaptive, team, and masters competitions.

If you’d like to purchase tickets for your kids, be informed that tickets are free for kids above two years to enjoy the Festival Only competitions. However, if the kids would have access to the Coliseum, then they would need a pass to get in.

You can also purchase and receive your tickets at subordinate websites like Ticketmaster Mobile Tickets, Ticketcity, Seatgeek, Vividseats, among others.

When will CrossFit Games tickets go on sale?

The CrossFit Games officials will announce the commencement of ticket sales.

About Crossfit Games 2022

The CrossFit Games for 2022 will commence with the 3-week Open fitness festivity before the Quarterfinals in March. The CrossFit Games 2022 is another period for fitness lovers and enthusiasts to conglomerate and watch champions take the stage for a new CrossFit season. We look forward to a fun-filled and historic competition this year.

Crossfit Games 2022 Date and Location

The CrossFit Games will be held from Thursday, August 4, to Sunday, August 10, 2022. The CrossFit Games 2022 is in Madison, Wisconsin, US.

How to watch Crossfit Games 2022 Live Stream Online?

To join in the excitement of the games, you can watch the event from home through live stream online. To do this, you can check-in through the official website. And the official social media pages of the CrossFit Games on Facebook and Twitter.

Final Words

It’s less than a month to the commencement of the CrossFit Open Games, after which the Quarterfinals and Semi-finals will follow. In preparation, get ready to purchase your tickets for the CrossFit 2022 games and encourage fellow fitness enthusiasts to do the same. See you there.