CrossFit Games 2022 Full TV Schedule

CrossFit Games 2022 Full TV Schedule

A new season for one of the world’s biggest sports competitions has arrived! CrossFit Games 2022 makes the 16th edition of the annual competition, which has been on for over a decade and a half since it began in 2007. But, just before it arrives, we’re here with all pleasure to provide you with important information about the CrossFit Games Schedule for 2022. You’ll also get information on how to watch the CrossFit Games live.

CrossFit Games 2022 Full TV Schedule

CrossFit Games 2022 Full schedule

January 13 marked the commencement of the registration of the open workouts, and as usual, CrossFit Open will precipitate the in the CrossFit Games. Therefore, here is the full schedule for the 2022 CrossFit Games, from the Open sessions in February to the qualifier and major games in August.

It begins with the NOBULL CrossFit Games Open on February 24, 2022. This will be on for three weeks.

  • The first week of Open Games begins on February 24 and lasts till February 28.
  • After that, the second week begins on March 3-7.
  • The third and final week will be from March 10-24.

Unlike before, the Open Games will now begin at noon PT.

After that, we shall witness the Quarterfinals, which shall be on for a month, March 24-April 24. The Quarterfinals are for Individuals, Team’s and Groups. Then, the semifinals for Individuals and Teams come next and shall be on for weeks.

  • For week 1, the games will be on from May 20-22.
  • Also, Week 2 shall be from May 27-29.

While the last two weeks, 3 and 4, shall be staged from June 3-5 and June 10-12, respectively. The Semifinals for Age Groups have been classified into three.

For the first Age Group, we have ages from 14-15, 16-17, 35-39, 40-44, and 45-49. The semifinals for this Age group shall be held from May 26-May 29. The second Age Group has the following; 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, then 65 and above. The games for the Adaptive group will be held from June 2-5.

The final two sessions are;

  • The Last Chance Qualifier will be from June 29-July 1.
  • The CrossFit Games, from August 4 – 7.

CrossFit Games 2022 Date & Venue

The 2022 CrossFit Games will be held on August 4-7. The event will be held in Madison, WI, USA.

How to Watch CrossFit Games Live

To watch CrossFit Games Live, you can tune in through the official website for CrossFit Games. Likewise, you can watch using online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, as the live stream will be available on the CrossFit social media pages.

CrossFit Games Guidance

There are a few changes that arrived with the new season.

  1.  Participants in the CrossFit Open Game should make a video of these routines. Likewise, athletes have to do the workout routines with a registered Fitness Judge.
  2. Age groups and Adaptive athletes will participate in a global semifinal.
  3. The top 30 athletes from each age group will participate in the semifinal. After that, the top 10 from each group will move on to the CrossFit Games.
  4. The top 20 athletes from the Adaptive division will participate in a semifinal for three divisions. It will also serve as the final competition for five divisions.

Final Word

Get ready to join the world’s best fitness enthusiasts in the new annual celebration at Madison WI, USA. This year CrossFit game will be happening with the full throttle so don’t miss any updates.